Consignment Policy

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Web site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

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                  Turn Your Designer Cast-Offs Into Cash!!!!
    Don't let your unwanted Gucci, Chanel, and Prada take up precious space and collect dust.
    Let Closet Savvy Consignmet sell them for you for big bucks and completely hassle-free!
    You will get anywhere from 60% to 80% share of the selling price.

                                                 60% = $1-$999
                                   65% = $1,000+

    Closet Savvy Consignmet only accepts high-end designer clothing, hangbags, shoes, accessories & jewelry. All items must be in excellent condition and deemed to have resale value in order to be considered. During your appointment, I will evaluate your items to see if they meet resale specifications. It is my goal to make your consignment experience as easy and convenient as possible.

    For  years now, We've been very successfully re-selling luxury designer clothing and accessories online. Unlike traditional consignment shops which rely strictly on foot traffic, We are able to tap into a well of bargain hunting fashionistas across the globe. With minimal overhead costs, Closet Savvy Consignment is also able to offer a much higher commission structure than the going industry rate of  the 50/50 (or in many cases 40/60) split.

    Consigning with an on-line shop also provides a number of other benefits. Your items are carefully stored, and are rarely handled or tried-on. Any unsold pieces are returned to you in their original condition, which, may not always be the case after infinite try-ons at store-front shops. Another big perk is the benefit of reaching a world-wide customer base 24/7. You will earn anywhere from a 20%-40% higher value for your designer items than you would at any of the shops around the City. To schedule your consignment appointment, e-mail

                            Consignment Terms and Conditions

    1.Closet Savvy Consignment determines the acceptability of each item and its selling price.  It is my goal to sell each of your items as quickly as possible for the highest price it can command. If it takes too long for a particular piece to sell, the price will be lowered at my discretion.


    A number of strategies are used to maximize exposure and search engine standings. Your items will be heavily promoted using many venues and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest, Ebay, etc.,  in addition to, weekly e-mail updates sent to a mailing list consisting of over three thousand loyal customers. Fees associated with some of the above mentioned marketplaces will be automatically subtracted, should your item sell directly from that platform.


    2. At the end of each pick-up appointment consignors are given a receipt indicating the number of pieces that were selected, and within 72-hours will receive an itemized inventory list via e-mail.


    3. Once all accepted pieces are inventoried, photographed and listed for sale (which can take up toa week), you will be able to check the status and pricing of each of your items by visiting at any given time.


    4. Consignor checks are mailed once a month. Payments for items sold between the 1st and the 15th of the month, will be mailed in the first week of the following month (i.e. if an item is sold on June 7th, your check for that item will be mailed the week of July 1st. If an item is sold on June 17th, your check for that item will be mailed the week of August 1st).


    5. All accepted pieces will remain listed for sale for an unlimited amount of time, or, at a minimum, for 120-days. Requested items will be available for pick up, only after the 120-day period has passed.